Counting the Quran

There was loads of violence perpetrated by Islamic adherents. Due to this, I selected to Learn Quran online to see if the Islamic holy e book included any textual content in help of this violence. There are 4 major issues I observed as I learn by means of the Quran. These are:

  1. I may discover little or no actual that means within the writings of the Quran.
  2. Virtually half of it’s retellings of Outdated Testomony tales attributed to “Allah.”
  3. It’s extremely repetitive.
  4. There are very, only a few mentions of affection and peace.

After my first studying, I made a decision to dive in a second time and rely among the phrases I noticed repetitively. There was one phrase I did not rely throughout the second studying that on reflection I want I had, however I am not too eager on studying the Quran a 3rd time simply to get this rely. The phrases I unnoticed had been completely different variations of “fearing Allah.” It is talked about quite a few instances, however I do not know what number of.

One factor to say earlier than moving into the precise rely. I selected to make use of an older translation by M.H. Shakir from 1986. I selected this as a result of I believed it might be a extra correct translation. I believed it might be doable that current translations could be “softened” a bit for Westerners with many individuals having some curiosity in studying extra about Islam. I do not understand how fashionable this translation was on the time, or if it is nonetheless learn right now, however I am moderately assured that this translation displays the true intent and that means of the Quran Classes Online . There have been 424 pages to this model, and 114 “chapters,” or “surahs.”

The counts that observe are almost certainly approximate, somewhat than actual. I could have missed a number of right here or there, and at instances I mixed sequential sentences into one rely with the “punishment” rely because it got here up so typically. Listed below are the phrases and counts:

Issues “Allah” loves 21

Any point out of peace: 26

Punishment from “Allah”: 538

“Allah” is beneficent/forgiving/merciful: 346

Believers shall be rewarded: 192

(half of these rewards contain “Gardens”)

Issues “Allah” destroyed: 67

“Allah” sanctioned combating/killing of unbelievers: 34

Mentions of retribution or retaliation: 18

Issues “Allah” hates: 12

As well as, most of the issues that the radicals are doing are certainly talked about instantly within the Quran – akin to beheading non-believers. You may come to no matter conclusion you want to, however mathematically the mentions of punishment from “Allah” are over twenty instances extra quite a few than mentions of peace. Faith of peace, or faith of punishment? You resolve.

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